My Lady ADHD
My Lady ADHD
Nutrition, Intuitive Eating & ADHD with Becca King

Nutrition, Intuitive Eating & ADHD with Becca King

This week I'm chatting with ADHD Nutritionist, Becca King, about all things nutrition and ADHD. We talk about her very personal struggles with ADHD and disordered eating and how she now works with other ADHDers to help them find peace with food. We touch on intuitive eating  - but we do not give any specific nutrition advice. In fact, we talk about how important it is to recognize and accept that it's okay to do things differently than others -- that there isn't really a "norm" for people with ADHD when it comes to nutrition. We  go over some typical struggles that ADHDers face with nutrition and why . Becca provides us with some helpful insight/tips on how to find balance. *TW - we do discuss eating disorders briefly on this episode. 

Becca King - ADHD Nutritionist and ADHDer

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My Lady ADHD
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