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i didn’t know i had adhd until last year but discovering bullet journaling in 2016 was a life changer for me! the freeform to journal, brain dump (all the random lists of things my brain comes up with?!) and actually plan.. it’s such a pressure relief to declutter my mind.

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I tried out the Google voice typing, and it's slow, but rather accurate. I have a dark sense of humor and I swear a lot, and Google censored my swears. I went poking around and discovered that dictation is built into Apple devices, so I'm voice typing this from my iMac.

I wouldn't have discovered this for who knows how long, if it wasn't for your post, so you still get all the credit, lol.

I've used Day One (https://dayoneapp.com) years, and I can definitely recommend it as a really solid app.

I really need to establish a better habit somehow - if my ADHD will let me!

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