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For me, Future ADHD's ADHD Planner works best. I can look for the most helpful tips and pages and put together my own personal planner. I don't have to have a bad conscience if I forget the planner because there are no blank pages left, like with an annual planner.

And I also think it's great that you get all the updates for a lifetime and have the opportunity to work digitally or on paper.


Thanks for your great tips!

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Plum Paper!!

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I have been playing around with Inkwell Press's various layouts for about a year now. I am using the https://inkwellpress.com/collections/2023-planner-inserts/products/2023-weekly-planner-360-inserts-flex-inkwell-press right now and really like it.

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I enjoyed your article, but can you explain what this means, please? "Because of time blindness, we’re often not able to estimate how long things will take or what those tasks might really entail. Yet another reason that planning and ADHD are NOT two peas in a pod." I don't undertstand the bit about ADHD and planning NOT being two peas in a pod. Thanks. :)

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